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Customer Relations

At Stevens Creek Toyota we strive to have our customers experience be the very best. Since its founding, Toyota’s cornerstone principle has been “the customer always comes first” and we truly believe in this concept. We are invested in solving your concerns because we understand it’s the best way to make you a lifetime customer. The Customer Relations Department is the heart of Stevens Creek Toyota. It mediates between the dealer and the customers by providing assistance and helping resolve any concerns related to your experience. In order to improve our Customers’ Satisfaction we continuously need to evaluate our service levels, this is the reason why, your opinion is of great importance to us.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Randi K.
San Jose, CA

"Looks like 4th time was the charm.  It was a total 180 turn in the level of service I received.   Vinnie the service manager contacted me directly asking if I can bring the car back to them to rectify the matter.  He was very professional and apologetic for the run around I had been getting.   He assured me he would have Gabriel, his technician who specializes in noises dedicate his time to working on our car.  

Throughout the whole process, Shane updated us with the progress.  They gave us a free rental car because it took longer then expected but we didn't mind.  Gabriel ended up finding the cause of the noise to be from the transmission shift cable brackets that were not properly secured/insulated and the evaperation heater core assy was loose and contacting the fire wall.  I am relieved that they were able to find the cause of the noise.

I commend Vinnie, Shane and Gabriel for their dedication in making us feel like true customers.   We will definitely be buying another Toyota from this dealership in the near future!  Thanks Stevens Creek Toyota for winning us back!!"

Teena D.
San Jose, CA

"Stevens creek Toyota is a great place to get work done. I hav a scion xb and bought my car here. They are so friendly and helpful. When ever I need work done they are so courteous and they always have at least a few appointments availinle for the week if you call on a Monday most of the time they can get all the work needed done same day. :]"

Richard S.
Fremont, CA

"Had my Prius serviced last week. Kenny took excellent care of my car. There was no bull s---- upselling like I used to get at the Oakland Toyota dealership. I will be back and tell my friends to see Kenny."

Heather M.
Los Gatos, CA

"My original review was in 2007 for my experience buying a new Prius (see below for purchasing review). This is an update review of my experience with the service department since then.

I take my car in for the prepaid service plan, supposedly every 5k miles but I can never make it on that schedule. Sure, I probably paid more than I should have for the prepaid plan, but it's so worth it for the convenience and for the assurance that my car is being properly maintained. Even though I've fallen behind and am well over the mileage that was supposed to be covered by the prepaid plan (55k miles), the service team happily tells me that they will honor all of the service appointments that I paid for.

Every time I bring my car in for service, I'm greeted by a friendly rep. They give me a sense of how long the service will take (usually a couple of hours), and offer a free shuttle. I don't use the shuttle because their waiting room is awesome. Spacious, comfy chairs, free donuts and bagels in the morning, free wifi, outlets, TV, clean bathrooms, and a quiet laptop station. Once when I was there, a customer complained that there were no more bagels, and one of the Toyota employees went out to the store to buy the man a bagel. I love that I can get work done in comfort while waiting for my car.

The service reps always tell me any issues that might be upcoming for my car (usually related to rodents that get under my hood), but they have never even suggested extra service that would cost money. I feel like I must be going to a different Stevens Creek Toyota than other reviewers, because every time I get my car serviced I leave with a car that is in tip-top shape, confidence that I know of any potential problems and that recall issues have been taken care of, no bill, I got my work done while waiting, and everyone I met while there was smiling and friendly."

Previous Review

"We had the best car buying experience here. We were leaning towards a Honda or a used hybrid until we made a visit to Stevens Creek Toyota to look at a Prius. Before our visit, I had an email exchange with sales manager Ford Schwartz, who was quick to respond to my questions. When we went in to the dealership for a test drive, he was friendly and low-pressure, and just all-around pleasant to work with. Â We then called around to Toyota dealerships throughout the bay area, to see what kind of price we could get. All of the other dealers said they would have to call us back, but none of them did. Ford at Stevens Creek was able to check his inventory and get a price for us in minutes, and without needing to call us back. We persisted in calling back some of the other dealerships and none offered us a better price than Stevens Creek. Ford explained the pricing clearly to me over the phone and through email. When we went in to buy the car, there was no pressure or confusion about pricing and options. I left feeling like we got the best price for exactly the car we wanted, and had an enjoyable buying experience on top of it."

Lance K.
San Jose, CA

"Awesome buying experience at Stevens Creek Toyota.

My wife and I have been looking for a new car for the past couple of months. We had looked at many other manufacturers before coming to Toyota with no success either because of the car selection or the dealership experience.

From time we walked in a Sales representative was ready to help us (sad to say that was not always the case at other places such as Acura). The sales person listened to what we were looking for and then took us out on the lot to show us different options that fit. We found 2 different models which we thought was good and test drove both of them. He gave the pros and cons of each vehicle and wasn't trying to push any in particular or upsell us on different options.

Amazingly my wife and I actually agreed on a model and color which we both liked. However, there was none on the lot or in the warehouse. The Sales team searched the dealerships in the area for the exact match. They were able to find one all the way in Sacramento but promised to have it there the next day if we wanted it.

The price negotiations went smoothly and both sides agreed to a reasonable price very quickly. I got a good deal and didn't spend more than I wanted and the wife got a new car. She was able to pick up the car the next afternoon as promised and she has been happy since. I would definitely buy another car from Stevens Creek Toyota in the future."

Angelica C.
San Jose, CA

"Just as I was about to give up on my car-finding pursuit, I decided to check out Stevens Creek Toyota and apply for their College Graduate Program to see if I'd qualify and potentially...get a car.

Before deciding on whether to apply, I visited Stevens Creek Toyota's website to check out their online inventory; while I was perusing their website, an IM window kept popping up onto my screen saying, "Jason Xie is available to answer your questions right now!" So since I was interested in the features of the College Graduate Program, I decided to IM Jason and see if everything the program offered was credible.

Through sharing my initial intent to apply for the College Graduate Program, explaining my circumstances, and overcoming my apprehension, Jason helped me with everything. I say that I was "apprehensive" because throughout my 2-month long car searching experience, everyone kept repeating how I was, "Every car salesman's dream because of my ignorance and scant credit history, and that I was going to get taken advantage of".

I'm extremely fortunate that Jason was honest, patient, and genuinely looking out for my best interest. Now, I'm wallowing in the delight of my new 2010 Corolla!"

Stanley C.
Milpitas, CA

"Came here with my girlfriend to look for a brand new Corrola. Friendly car salesmen service as they were approachable and accommodating. We were met with a salesman immediately, so that's a plus. We came here during the busy Memorial Weekend 0% interest sale, so it was great that we got immediate attention without any fuss. We told the salesmen that we were shopping around at the various Toyota dealerships in the Bay Area, and they were able to match the lowest email offer that we got. We drove home that night with a brand new silver Corrola, happy that the car shopping experience turned out great!"

Adam G.
Saratoga, CA

"Took my Prius in today for its regular service and oil change. At 9am on a Saturday there were several cars in line. I had to wait a few minutes, but that was expected. Once I spoke to the service rep he took care of my needs quickly and efficiently. They promised my car would be ready to go before 1pm and they did deliver on that. Very good service and easy to work with. When servicing my car again, I would reccommed Toyota Stevens Creek over the other dealerships in the area."

Ryan K.
San Jose, CA

"Best place in san Jose to purchase a new Toyota! I'm already on my 3rd Toyota from this store. Friendly staff and great service!!!"

Paul W.
Mountain View, CA

"If you service your car here, be sure to ask for Kenny. The guy is truly outstanding at going the extra mile for you and really seems to love his work. My brand new Prius was stolen last month. It was recovered thanks to the installed tracer, but the interior had been heavily vandalized, causing about $7500 worth of damage. I had it brought to the dealer since I'd bought the car there (not a bad experience in itself, but this review is for servicing). Kenny was very professional about the whole thing and did an absolutely outstanding job of restoring the car to brand-new condition. He was also great about calling me periodically to update me on the condition of the car, letting me know what parts had arrived and which had to wait, how long the estimate was to repair, etc.

When he finally called to say it was done, nearly three weeks later due to several parts shipment delays, he had the car professionally detailed inside and out, including re-finishing the outer body scratches that had nothing to do with the initial vandalism.

I have to say this guy is about an outstanding a serviceman as anyone could possibly ask for. He made it a point to come talk with me when I went to finally pick up the car after a total of 33 days of waiting and told me how much he'd done and how proud he was of his work. And I must say...rightly so.

Thanks so much, Kenny!

**EDIT** - Further proof of service going the extra mile for the customer. I discovered today that there was a piece missing from the car...the supplemental cup holder in the central console. I called the dealer to let them know and was immediately told to come in the same day and they would have one for me. Thanks again, Toyota!"

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